Earthwork 2010

by emma peterson



released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


emma peterson

here i am

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Track Name: Fluent in Foolish
when i try to write for you, nothing comes to mind
cause you steal my words
and when i get them back they're all confused

how can i write a love song
when i don't know what love even is
how can i write of heartbreak
when you haven't left me in the cold

i guess i could say that your eyes make me smile
and i guess i should mention that you still make me nervous at times
nobody's made me feel as needed as you
and if only i could see you, i could let you know

you cover my imperfections so the beauty can show
and i don't know if you know it
but i miss you and i wish you could come home

i wonder if i'm enough for you
but tell me you need me and it'll give me a clue

i guess i'm fluent in foolish cause i'm not being clear
but i think i might love you
and i wish you were here
Track Name: Wisdom
i listen to his heartbeat
the rhythm makes me sure
so i shut my eyes and sing along and endure

but you never say you love me
but you don't have to tell me
cause all you do, it'll prove if you do
yeah all you do, it'll prove if it's true

i look into his eyes
and they tell me all i know
the darkness fills me with light and so much more

and i never said i love you
cause it means much more than i do
and after this, all this, i admit
that i love you, still do, it's true

and when i can't see your eyes
it's hard to feel i'm alive
and i'm falling
i'm falling, i'm falling through the wisdom of worlds
and i know
that when the spinning is done
we'll both end up where we started from
but it's alright


i feel his hands in mine
but it's really been awhile
so i shut my eyes and just pretend that i'm alive
Track Name: Let's Make This Simple
let's make this simple
no more crying on the telephone
and if you want me, just say it loud
and i'll be home

it's been a long time
chasing words and their melodies
so if you love me, sing it loud
and i'll be home

i'm stronger, now that i've realized
that you're the one who
makes this waiting what i need

there's a sad song
where my heart used to be
the words are soft, and colorful, and true
but they're desperate too

it's left me lonely
waking up with my heart in your hands
so don't forget me
cause i'll lose you


i'm fine with the distance
this lonely persistence
i'll make if i don't see your smile
but i need to know now
if you think it's worth it
to pull through these telephone wires
at each other's hearts

Track Name: Madame Blackwell
madame blackwell is in the backseat
and she's crying, she's crying
and mister blackwell is in side
and he's dying, he's dying

if she was a tree, she'd be a cut down tree
and if she was a bird, she'd be a broken bird

madame blackwell said please, don't you drop my world
but mister blackwell, he's ugly inside and out

but all she could think is maybe he's more beautiful
on the other side, where the grass is greener
but soon she would see that he's an animal too

so she says judge me
allow my thoughts to permeate your mind
and then discard me, leave me lifeless
an empty shell, whatever

so now she's free
free from nothing
free from it all
Track Name: And She Says
she finds it hard to call him
cause that would mean he's gone
and she'd really like
to thank him just for who he's been
but just can't think of how

and she says
when i'm with you
you are me
and i am you
all i can see
and she says
when you're with me
you are you
and i am me
just what i need

(do you remember what you told her that one lonely night, well she still recites it in her mind cause she's fighting inside)

not a moment goes by that he don't cross her mind
and she's just wondering why
and she'd really like to relate to him what she's been thinking
but just can't think of how


one afternoon he stood in the rain
and it's something that she can't explain
but something's changed and it's him she'll thank